What happens when members have settled into their new home in Portland and have moved beyond the full services of the Pine House, but want to stay connected?

Onward Transitions  “Neighbors” was created in response to transitioning Pine House members and their families requesting to stay connected to the Pine House community following successful acclimation to Portland, Maine. 

Neighbors is offered to qualified Pine House members as they transition beyond full-service membership at the Pine House and advance towards complete autonomy. Having established residency in Portland, Maine and successfully engaged in school, community and/or work, members no longer need the full clinical and coaching services, meals and drop-in advantages of the Pine House. With Neighbors, members are able to step away, while still benefiting from a diminishing degree of continued support with Pine House community members and staff. Counseling and coaching appointments for Neighbors are held at Onward Transition’s Exchange St. Office in the heart of the Old Port section of Portland. Regular social events, activities and occasional scheduled events at the Pine House keep Neighbors engaged and connected to the Pine House community.

Neighbors participation includes the following: 

Two weekly individual sessions (one for coaching and one for therapy)

Coaching (continued conversation and consultation on life skills)

  • Includes a monthly on-site apartment consult

Therapy (continued work on identified goals)

  • Regular text access to a therapist
  • Therapist maintains semi-regular updates for up to two family members and a referring professional


Monthly Pine House functions and/or Neighbors events in Portland to include two or more of the following:

  • One group session at the Pine House or Exchange St. office and/or a dedicated Neighbors group
  • First Friday dinner with Pine House members on “Friday night out”
  • One brunch, scheduled in advance
  • One Saturday activity, scheduled in advance


Social media channel for Neighbors and staff through “Slack”:

  • Access to other Neighbors and staff members
  • Nutritional check in with our Wellness  Coordinator each week


Onward Transitions is pleased to offer this flexible, affordable option to qualifying transitioning members and their families on a quarterly basis.