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The difference a year makes…going back to college


As Onward Transitions looks to the fall and the beginning of the school year, one current member stands out as an individual working his way back into a more traditional academic routine. In addition to the rigors of living independently, holding down jobs and or volunteer roles in the community, maintaining a consistent fitness regimens, practicing budgeting, designing and maintaining a schedule to keep appointments and commitments, learning more about reciprocity in peer relationships, and managing his own transportation to and from commitments, this member has an eye on being a full time student in the very near future.

Member Profile

  • Male, early twenties
  • Highly intelligent, anxiety and depression due in part to a chronic health issue
  • Came to us from home after a brief hospitalization and struggling in the first semester of his small college
  • Embraced in vivo exposure therapy with an academic slant with us
  • Started with adult community/continuing education classes in his desired field of study
  • Next took two community college classes in his first semester and was successful
  • Next tried to take four community college classes and despite illness was able to complete two successfully
  • Serving as a tutor for both his college and a community adult education program
  • Registering again for four classes this fall
  • Contrast:
    • one year ago – living at home, participating in individual therapy, engaged in self-study in his chosen major, medication and health care managed by family members, being driven by family members to his appointments, etc.
    • today – living on his own, engaged in individual, group and family therapy, engaged in life coaching, registered for his third college semester, tutoring for two different institutions, managing his apartment, managing his own medication and health care, training in the performing arts, exercising daily, involved in a long-term relationship, navigating public transportation on his own