Tuition for Onward Transitions includes weekly individual, group and family therapy with a master's level therapist, multiple group sessions weekly, all daily sessions and coaching with mentoring staff including program coordinator, outreach and wellness coordinator, apartment consultations, job-site visits, scheduled special weekend activities, drop-in access to and brunch and dinner at the Pine House 6 days a week.  

 If Onward Transitions sounds like it could work for you, we'll ask you to complete an online application and submit Release Forms to speak with your parents, and current and past providers. After a review of all materials, if we seem like a good fit, we'll schedule a visit for you to come to Portland for a personal introduction, a tour of the city, and a visit to the Pine House.  

Once a decision to enroll has been reached, you'll work with Darrell developing the Family Agreement and with Tracy on locating an apartment and setting up your new home in Portland.  

Please call Tracy 207-712-1181 or email at for more information. 

Apply Here. 

Tracy Bailey
Executive Director

Our Office address:
PO Box 738
Portland, ME 04104

The Pine House address is not published out of respect for our members' confidentiality.