The greatest benefits for our members include:

Our location in Portland, Maine and access to the Hay Loft and the Pine House.

The opportunity to work with our professional, experienced staff who receive regular training and specialize in working with emerging adults.

Our commitment to nutrition and local sourcing of food.

Dawn, our wellness coordinator delivers on the OT commitment to members and to the community of local grocers, growers, fishers, bakers, makers and markets—using local resources to meet strategic goals pointed towards better overall health and wellness. Dawn’s undergraduate and graduate work in psychology, theology and nutrition bring spirit and soul, which combines brilliantly with her work and life experience.

Dawn brings creativity and global fusion exploration to menu planning and meal preparation. Each member completes an extensive survey identifying food values, traditions, patterns, preferences, challenges, and goals.  She works with each member to expand their palates (and their minds in the process), nudging all towards more informed and nutritious decisions.  Members go on excursions with Dawn seeking specialty items and really learning how to shop for their independent lives in the process.

The development of reciprocal relationships.

The relationships they build with other members, our talented therapists and program coordinators and those they discover and grow for themselves in the greater community.

The high level of structure and support while practicing autonomy, provided by our comprehensive therapeutic and coaching services described below:

Individual counseling

a. Weekly
b. Integrative
c. At the Pine House, Exchange St. office or via secure electronics
e. Solution-focused, supportive, CBT
f. Transition to community
g. Harm reduction as appropriate

Members meet weekly for individual counseling, focused on the integration of their life responsibilities with their strengths and supports in managing them. Members can choose meetings at the Pine House, the Exchange St. office, or to use the telehealth option. Our approach features supportive, solution- focused techniques grounded in a cognitive-behavioral model, that asks members to investigate how their thoughts impact their actions and then design plans to create more positive outcomes.

Group counseling

a. Weekly “Transition” themed group based on the Family Agreement. Meets Thursday for one hour before dinner at the Pine House.

Members participate in group counseling focused on their transition into the community of Portland, and their utilization of the strengths and supports offered by us and elsewhere in their lives.Additionally, numerous groups re held during the week lead by therapists and program coordinators on budgeting, nutrition, cooking, wellness, social millennial, study halls, etc.

Family work

a. Weekly
b. Parents only
c. Siblings
d. Family together

Families participate in weekly discussions focusing on their roles in supporting members’ growth and development. At times, these sessions may include the member, siblings, grandparents or others as appropriate.

Family workshops

a. Quarterly

Families are invited to participate in engaging quarterly workshops in Portland. These events are family-specific and are carefully designed with the therapist, and typically take place on the weekend. Meals and meetings are provided. Lodging is arranged independently.


a. Weekly scheduled appointments with our Program Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator, and Recreation Coordinator and consistent daily interaction throughout the week at the Pine House for meals, events and socializing.
b. Routine apartment visits, inspections, and on-site lessons in cooking, cleaning and hospitality
c. Nutritional consultations and workshops with our wellness coordinator
d. Financial planning and budgeting meetings weekly with Austin
e. Career/vocational coaching
f. Resume/interview/job search and on-site visitation

Program staff coordinate coaching throughout the week to help guide decision-making in the Pine House and at regular social activities and work/apartment visits.

Support and Interest groups

Our Recreation Coordinator works with members to help them choose a local group to belong to (church, fitness, meet- up, recovery, art, theater, studio, Equality Maine, Maine Circus, Improv, etc.)

Recreation and Social Activities

Here’s a fun list of some of the more random benefits for our members:

Weekly Thursday night group dinner out, climbing at least one time per week, yoga at the Hay Loft, membership to the Portland Museum of Art, Taco Tuesday, cooking with Dawn at the Pine House and at member apartments, hiking the Urban Trail system, exploring the tons of beaches, advising on FB/Linked In etiquette (and receiving the same), role playing introduction techniques with Austin, mindfulness and meditation sessions with Austin,  the EARLY morning pick up for the race to SMCC or the airport for the 8 AM class or flight home, random “Grind Breaker” events like lobster dinners on the pier and a night of bowling, knowing your favorite snack is freshly stocked at the Pine House, exploring coffee shops, open mics, the CRAZY restaurant scene in Portland, and the countless hours of text support from our coordinators …