Everyone has their own schedule.

Our members are busy living independently working on the goals they have established for themselves so we don’t have a traditional structured daily schedule, as you would find in a “program”. That said, from breakfast until after dinner the Pine House has a steady flow of activity as members come by for appointments, meal prep and meals, and drop-ins. Each member schedules weekly individual appointments at the Pine House or the Hay Loft with their therapist, our program coordinator, Austin, our wellness coordinator, Dawn, our outreach coordinator, and our art therapy intern, Bailey. Additionally, we have group on Thursday, numerous groups throughout the week on nutrition, budgeting, cooking, mindfulness, and social interaction.

Social and recreational activities are included in the program and are scheduled in advance for Fridays, Saturdays and occasional weekday excursions. Our Recreation Coordinator works with members individually and with the community to research and offer an incredible range of options.

Great food and a strong sense of community matter to us! 

The conversations we have around the dining table and in the kitchen are one of the hallmarks of the Pine House. They bring us together.

Delicious family style breakfast and dinners are well attended, especially Taco Tuesday. We expect, unless we hear from a member, that they will join us for dinner. One of the most popular events is Friday night dinner out where members join staff at a restaurant they have researched and selected. Every Saturday we organize a group event based on member interests and goals and complete scheduled apartment visits. Additionally, spontaneous activities- like hiking, or shopping occur regularly. Occasionally, we throw a “grind buster” activity with little advance notice to spice things up…While no social event is mandatory, we do encourage our members to help plan and participate in all activities at the Pine House and out and about in Portland.

Dawn at Pinesgiving

Holidays are important to us, too. While our members generally visit their families for major holidays, we designate a dinner to celebrate as a community.  This a photo of Dawn, our wellness coordinator, and the incredible dinner she prepared for our “Pinesgiving” celebration in November. The Pine House sense of community extends beyond the walls of the Pine House. Members frequently get together on their own at their apartments and out in the community for meals and socializing.  Our alumni group, Neighbors, is invited to join our Friday night dinner out on the first Friday of each month.