The Onward Transitions Family Agreement is the plan that we will refer back to together time and time again, so that you know where you stand with your family and with your personal commitments.

We use it as the road map to help you in crafting your life while in Portland. Before getting into the details, it sometimes is helpful to review the bigger goals. The biggest goal that our members seek is independence.

Onward Transitions works with you and your family to set up an agreement about the type of experience you are looking to have in Portland. Together we will talk about and write down some expectations and responsibilities that we will all share. We will draw from four key objectives (education, work, service and personal development) to help you craft the life you are looking to lead now and in the future.

The Family Agreement

Four Objectives

  • Education,
  • Work,
  • Service,
  • Personal Development
    • Health & Wellness
    • “Nesting”
    • Interpersonal
    • Nutrition/Cooking
    • Finances
    • Counseling/Coaching/Mentoring
    • Support Groups
    • Club/Social Groups
    • Other Personal Responsibilities

Research and experience has shown that practicing these types of traits help people obtain the following outcomes:

Autonomy Members successfully inherit an increasing amount of responsibility for the planning and management of their lives, and strengthen their sense of capability and identity. Identity
Determination Members delve into and manage the challenges and pressures of the adult world, while building healthy coping strategies to thrive and succeed in future trying situations. Resilience
Organization Members strengthen their ability to structure and follow-through with attending to their major needs and finer details Responsibility
Reflection Members practice the ability to observe themselves and think about how in turn, others observe them as a means of maintaining intra and interpersonal stability. Stability
Balance Members practice balance between work and recreation and achieve greater harmony in their lives. Harmony
Planning Members conceptualize long and short-term plans for themselves to help build greater momentum in moving forward with the various aspects of their lives. Momentum
Connection Members build on social practices to strengthen their familial, peer, professional and community connections to foster an enhanced sense of belonging the various “tribes” in their world. Belonging