The following principles are the foundation of our practice in daily living and in all staff training and development at Onward Transitions.

"Both researchers and practitioners have long embraced the idea that interaction with caring adults is central to young people’s development. New research being conducted at Search Institute confirms that conviction, but we are also finding that both caring and adults are necessary but not sufficient strands in the broader web of relationships that kids need to succeed. In addition to expressing care, young people also need people in their lives who challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities. And while relationships with adults can do all of those things in powerful and positive ways, so can close connections with friends, siblings, and other peers. "

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The fundamentals:

  • Express care
  • Challenge growth
  • Provide support
  • Share power
  • Expand Possibilities

Find the pdf here: 

Research Update from Seach Institute: Developmental Relationships