Onward Transitions


We get 18 to 20-somethings


and living independently in Portland, Maine 


Onward Transitions guides and supports bright, motivated, emerging adults towards sustainable independent living, autonomy, and the formation of meaningful reciprocal relationships.



We believe in your ability to be successful.

 The high level of customized structure and therapeutic support provided by

Onward Transitions cultivates successful, autonomous, emerging adults. 



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Achieving Autonomy

We designed Onward Transitions for the final stage of the continuum of care for emerging adults- actual sustainable independent living and autonomy. The period on the sentence, so to speak. 


From Day One

Onward Transitions members live in the apartment of their choice all over the city of Portland, Maine. They come together at the Pine House, our Exchange St. office and at venues throughout the city becoming part of a strong progressive community. We don't own any apartments or houses. Onward Transitions is not a residential program. During the enrollment process we work with families to help locate a living space based on their personal preferences and resources. 


Our therapists provide weekly individual, family and group therapy. 
The Pine House is open all day for brunch, dinner and appointments 6 days a week.
Scheduled apartment consults are done regularly. 


Becoming "one of us", as our members say

We've learned that the most successful member has experienced or demonstrates some or most of the following:

Is an emerging adult between 18-29 years old. Most members are between 19 and 24
Is managing mild to moderate anxiety, depression and/or executive functioning challenges

Is not a substance abuser and if determined appropriate is willing to work from a harm reduction model

Has likely lived away from home, at college or in an apartment, but was not able to manage all of the responsibility and has some insight to what support they need

Is compliant and stable on medication and mostly manages them independently

Is both tolerant and kind

Is willing and able to engage socially, longs for friendships and is open to coaching from our trained staff

Can get out of bed and mostly keep appointments

Has a recommendation from their referral source and from their current therapist that they are ready to pursue some form of independent living

Can navigate public transportation or manage their own car

Is willing to commit to a minimum 6-9 month stay in Portland


Everyone has their own schedule

Our members are busy living independently and working on the goals they have established with their therapist so we don't have a traditionally structured schedule as you would find in a "program". From breakfast until after dinner the Pine House has a steady flow of activity as members come by for appointments, groups, meal prep, meals and drop-ins. Each member schedules weekly individual appointments at the Pine House with their therapist, the program coordinator, outreach coordinator, and wellness coordinator. Additionally, we have multiple group sessions throughout the week on budgeting, nutrition, mindfulness, social millennial, cooking, study groups and vocational coaching. 


What happens when a member is successful and no longer needs the Pine House?

Onward Transition Neighbors service is offered to qualified Pine House members as they transition beyond full-service membership at the Pine House and advance towards complete autonomy. Having established residency in Portland, Maine and successfully engaged in school, community and/or work, members no longer need the full clinical and coaching services, meals and drop-in advantages of the Pine House. With Neighbors, members are able to step away, while still benefiting from a diminishing degree of continued support with Pine House community members and staff.


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Onward Transitions is a NATSAP member Young Adult Program. 


Clinical Director/Founder
Darrell Fraize, M.Ed., LCPC, LADC
Please feel free to contact Darrel with any questions at darrell@onwardtransitions.com.